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Reading: In vitro screening of herbal plant extracts on human nail fungus


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In vitro screening of herbal plant extracts on human nail fungus


K. Niranjan

University of Jaffna, LK
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Department of Botany, Faculty of Science
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Nowadays nail infections are commonly found among people worldwide. The disease called on­ychomycosisis usually caused by dermatophytic fungus. During this study pathogen was isolated from infected nail (scaly nail with white and yellow colour patches) using BD Dermatophyte Test Medium Agar. The pure culture of the pathogen was obtained and its morphological characters were recorded. Objective of this study is to isolate and identify the pathogen and find out potential herbal remedy for that. Five medicinal plants, Phyla nodiflora, Lawsonia inermis, Cassia fistula, Vernonia cinerea and Aristolochia bracteolate were selected and antifungal chemical remedy Clotrimazol and distilled water were used as positive and negative control against the pathogen under in vitro condition. Water and ethanol leaf extracts of each plants were prepared separately. Inhibitory effect of plant extracts against the pathogen was screened by poison food technique at various time intervals (48 hrs and 72 hrs). Each experiment was carried out with triplicates and the results were subjected to one way ANOVA. Complete inhibition of growth of pathogen was observed with ethanol extracts of all tested plant extracts. Unfortunately, the mycelial growth of tested fungi were induced by water extracts of tested plants and their potential effects differ significantly (p<0.05) among them. Water extracts of Vernonia cinerea, Phyla nodiflora and Cassia fistula significantly induced the growth of tested fungi while the remaining tested water extracts exhibited lower growth rate. Moreover, the diameter of fungal mycelium increased within the incubation period of fungi when tested with water extracts of plant leaf material. Fortunately, all tested ethanol extracts of leaves revealed complete inhibitory effect against tested nail fungus. However further purification and characterization of the bioactive components from these extracts may provide better understanding of bioactivity of these extracts.

How to Cite: Niranjan, K., 2017. In vitro screening of herbal plant extracts on human nail fungus. Vingnanam Journal of Science, 13(1-2), pp.73–77. DOI:
Published on 30 Jan 2017.
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